I am going to be putting in some new basket locations. I thought it would be a good idea to give every one a chance to give their ideas. Below is the map with peoples current suggestions. The existing basket locations are in green. Basket locations that have damaged sleeves are in yellow and I am going to replace them first. Please add new locations with a blue pin. In the description put what hole it is for. To cast your vote for a hole put your name in the description box. You can suggest and vote for as many holes as you want. The city and I will review the holes with the most votes. I will try to get as many installed as I can. Click here for a version of the map that you can edit. You will need to be signed in to google to edit. On the left there should be a red edit button.

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  1. Be sure that you get permission from Parks and Rec on any new locations. The neighbors are very sensitive to where the flight paths are relative to their property.

  2. I really liked the location on hole one behind the restrooms. I'm assuming it was moved on order not to interrupt activities at the near by pavilion?

    1. There is a safety issue with the bathrooms. We try and only move it there during an event, we had forgot to move it back.