Rained out

No one has wanted to come out and play in the rain the last two weeks. Lets hope for better weather.

Starting the 2013 Season

The Family Home Evening League is going to be starting on Mar 11 at 5:30p. Come out and steal my money as I have not really played at all this winter. Time to get ready for the season and have some fun. Hope in the next two seeks some of the snow melts for us.

End of the season

I had a fun time running the events out at Taylorsville and I hope that you have had fun playing. I will try to do this next year and hope to grow from what was learned this year. I hope to see you all out on the course throughout the winter.

Bob I owe you $7, we added the scores wrong! Lets hope next week isn't so windy.

Handicap rounds

We will not be doing a handicap round today as we have 3 players with a handicap established.
There is once again a basket on hole 5 and some of the positions have been moved longer. Come out today and take my money.